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Get the names of your loved ones etched in gold and diamond jewellery (Rings and Pendants) with no extra charges.

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a. Reference Ring

1. If you have ring which fits you well, measure the inner diameter of the ring as explained below. Then match the ring size corresponding to the inner diameter from the ring size guide

2. Take a printout of the ring size guide and place the ring over the circles on the guide (page 2) and match to arrive at the correct ring size.

In case your ring size falls between two sizes, always choose the higher one.

Find Your Ring Size

Please find below some helpful tips to determine your accurate Ring Size

You can easily measure the ring size by using the printable ring sizer.

Download, print and follow the steps given to measure your ring size.

b. In case you do not have a ring

Take a thread and loosely wrap around the finger for which the ring is being purchased. Always keep slight margin for the ring to slide over the knuckles. Open the thread, and measure the length of the thread with a scale. Match the length measured with the circumference column in the ring size guide and look at the corresponding sing size to arrive at the right ring size.

In case your measured value falls between two values of the ring size guide, always choose the higher size.

c. Request for JC Ringsizer

You can also request for the JC Ring Sizer by sending an email to and we will courier it to you free of charge.

The JC Ring Sizer is shown below:

How to Use

The JC Ring Sizer is very simple to use, it works like a belt.

1. Push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.

2. Slip the ring sizer onto your finger.

When best fit is achieved, read off size indicated by the arrow as shown below:

Ring Size Inner Diameter
1 13 40.85
2 13.4 42.11
3 13.7 43.05
4 14 44
5 14.3 44.94
6 14.6 45.88
7 15 47.14
8 15.3 48.08
9 15.6 49.02
10 15.9 49.97
11 16.2 50.91
12 16.5 51.85
13 16.8 52.8
14 17.2 54.05
15 17.5 55
16 17.8 55.94
17 18.1 56.88
18 18.4 57.82
19 18.8 59.08
20 19.1 60.02
21 19.4 60.97
22 19.7 61.91
23 20 62.85
24 20.3 63.8
25 20.6 64.74
26 21 66
27 21.3 66.94
28 21.6 67.88
29 22 69.14
30 22.3 70.08